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[edit] Developer documentation

[edit] Organization

[edit] API documentation

All used functions and files should be described in format which phpDocumentor uses. You can see generated documentation online - The build log is available on

[edit] What to contribute?

You want to start contributing to phpMyAdmin and have no idea where to start? You can find some ideas for newcomers which we collected for Google Summer of Code 2012 and Google Summer of Code 2013, or just look at the feature tracker for some feature you like.

If you speak a language besides English, take a look at the translations page for to see if your languages needs improvement.

[edit] What is planned?

  • See suggestions for phpMyAdmin 3 (which has of course been released, but some of the proposed features haven't been implemented).
  • See suggestions for phpMyAdmin 4 (which has also been released)
  • UI plugins
  • AJAX
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