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[edit] A Web Server

Since, phpMyAdmin's interface is based entirely in your browser, you'll need a web server (such as Apache, IIS) to install phpMyAdmin's files into.

[edit] PHP

phpMyAdmin 3.x : PHP 5.2.0 with the Standard PHP Library (SPL) extension enabled

phpMyAdmin 2.x : PHP 4.2.0 or newer

  • Session support. Make sure that sessions are configured properly (see below) and session.cookie_secure is Off if you are not using a secure connection (i.e. "https")
  • Either the mysql or mysqli extensions (more details)
  • The mbstring extension
  • GD2 support in PHP to display inline thumbnails of JPEGs ("image/jpeg: inline") with their original aspect ratio
  • PHP 4.3.0 or newer is needed to use the "text/plain: external" MIME-based transformation
  • If any paths are defined in your php.ini like session.save_path or upload_tmp_dir make sure that they do exist and your os is able to write to them. Especially on a Windows system "/tmp" does not exist by default! Due to a broken WIN PHP 5.2 installer paths are definitely wrong in that version Using IIS as webserver you also need an user named "IUSR" or "IUSR_MACHINENAME" with r/w/modify rights granted on those folders.
  • Not really a requirement but a strong suggestion: if you are using the cookie authentication method, having the mcrypt PHP extension on your web server accelerates not only the login phase but every other action that you do in phpMyAdmin
  • On 64 bit systems the mcrypt PHP extension is required for auth_type "cookie". The alternative blowfish routines only work on 32-bit systems at the moment (due to a PHP 5.2.0/1 bug, should be fixed in PHP 5.2.2 meanwhile). The same issue leads to the cryptic "#1045 access denied for user www-data.." messages on Ubuntu boxes.
  • If you have weird random problems also check out whether apc or eaccelerator is the culprit. If the problem is with APC it's possible to prevent scripts in the phpMyAdmin directory from being cached with apc.filters. For instance you can add something like this to your php.ini: apc.filters = "-/usr/share/phpmyadmin/.*"

[edit] MySQL

phpMyAdmin 3.x : MySQL 5.0.1 or newer

phpMyAdmin 2.x : MySQL 3.23.32 or newer (details)

MariaDB is also supported; at least versions 5.1 and 5.2 have been tested extensively.

[edit] Web browser

Any web browser with cookies enabled

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