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This page is a work in progress and may be incomplete. Feel free to improve it

This page contains informations you need to upgrade an existing phpMyAdmin installation.


[edit] General guidelines

  • Download the latest phpMyAdmin version from https://www.phpmyadmin.net/downloads/ or https://www.phpmyadmin.net/files/
  • It's always advisable to install/unzip a new version of phpMyAdmin into a fresh folder, e.g., pma2.x.y as described on the Quick Install page. This avoids conflicts with old versions (maybe installed as "alias") and gives you the opportunity for testing and to "fallback" if the new version doesn't work like expected. If you have to use the old folder name make sure that you (and your users!) empty the browser cache(s) or hit Ctrl-F5 to force a reload of the javascript files, e.g., some users reported that otherwise the old .js files still pointed to "left.php" instead of "navigation.php" and thus generated an error.

[edit] Specific Steps - Windows Example

  1. Back up your current phpMyAdmin directory.
  2. Download the desired version and extract its files to a temporary location, e.g. C:\NEWPHP\.
  3. Locate your current config.inc.php file. This will be the one in your phpMyAdmin directory, NOT phpMyAdmin\libraries\config.default.php!
  4. Copy your current config.inc.php into the temporary directory containing the extracted files (e.g. C:\NEWPHP\).
  5. Delete the contents of your phpMyAdmin directory (assuming you backed it up. If you didn't back it up, then go back to step 1, do not pass "GO," and do not collect $200!).
  6. Move all of the contents of your temporary directory (e.g. C:\NEWPHP\) into your original phpMyAdmin directory and empty your browser cache.
  7. Test.
  8. If successful, announce "I'm a genius!" to everyone within earshot.
  • Does not work with WAMP ver 2.0 with phpmyadmin 2.11.6

[edit] Specific version notes

When upgrading from versions prior to:

[edit] 3.1.5

Requires PHP 5.2+

[edit] 2.7.0

  • config.inc.php no longer holds every configuration directive; only directives that differ from those in libraries/config.default.php are needed here. See the Quick Install section for more details.

Since version 2.6.0, simply copy your existing config.inc.php to the new directory. You may wish to read the release notes so you can take advantage of any new features. Some people had problems with this method though.

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