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This is the phpMyAdmin wiki. With this wiki the phpMyAdmin team hopes to make it easier to let contributors add their knowledge and help to the phpMyAdmin project. Feel free to edit or add new articles related to phpMyAdmin (we reserve the right to take legal actions against spammers). Or just search for answers to your questions. This wiki is a source of documentation for users and developers alike; everybody is welcome to improve it. To ask for help please use the Help Forum, to report a bug use the bug tracker (after looking there for already known or fixed issues).


Latest news are available at http://www.phpmyadmin.net/home_page/news.php.

Google Summer of Code

See related articles at Google Summer of Code 2013.


Download the latest version from phpmyadmin.net or from sourceforge.net

You also can preview / test the STABLE version on the demo server.

Project links

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